Christian Ministry Diploma (CMD)

40 Weeks 

Tuesday & Wednesdays    

This course is intended for but not limited to those who feel that they have a call to full – time ministry. The duration of this course is one academic year [40 weeks] and is divided into modules of study. The course gives comprehensive cover of the variety of subjects presented and also gives practical opportunities for students.

Diploma in Advanced Studies (DAS)

40 weeks Wednesday 

Students who have previously completed the C.M.D course may continue to study at advanced level. This course provides hands on training, teaching, assessment and project work.

Students are encouraged to seek and receive from God. This course has duration of 40 weeks

Diploma in Theological Studies (DTS)

40 weeks for 1 day per week


The diploma runs for 40 weeks for 1 day a week. It is comprised of 5 modules of teaching:

  1. Book of Romans

  2. Book of James

  3. The book of John

  4. The Epistle of Peter

  5. The hidden meaning of Hebrew

  6. Book of Psalms

Christian Certificate Program (CCP)

 1 day per week


We run two short courses each academic year. These run from October to Easter and from Easter to the first week of July. These courses are open to anyone and the subjects are posted on our website or may be obtained from the Academy. Previous subjects include: The life, work and passion of Christ, The last Days, Finding Jesus in the OT and many others.

Correspondence Courses


The Academy provides a wide variety of courses which may by taken by correspondence. This includes a correspondence version of the D.A.S course. These courses may be taken by individuals or by church groups. The programme for group study allows for a tutorial style approach and can be run at reduced cost depending on the number of students enrolling.

Our Courses


Our course prices vary so please get in touch to access the correct cost for the course you want.